Table of Contents

Issue 1
Seven Deadly Sins  by Kayley Ulmer
​Necrophilia  by Allison Rothrock
​Fate  by Kayley Ulmer
Love at First Sigh  by Maya Joseph
​A Not So Classic Game of Clue  by Kayley Ulmer

Issue 2
Deal with the Devil  by Kayley Ulmer
​Shell  by Maya Joseph
​Persephone  by Allison Rothrock
Toxic  by Maya Joseph
​Jack  by Ansley Wiederholt

Issue 3
Grandmother's House  by Maya Joseph
Cupid's Arrow  by Kayley Ulmer
Unnatural Selection  by Maya Joseph
Naivety  by Kayley Ulmer
Poultice  by Clara Kim
​Dear Time by Mackenzie Oster

Issue 4
Autocannibalism by Ashley Wu
Drive by Alex Pu
​Out of My Mind  by Brittany Ahn
Intergalactic Catfish by Kayley Ulmer
​Saving Daylight  by Maya Joseph
Miene Liebe, Mi Amor by Ansley Wiederholt