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A Trip To The Doctor's

By: Audrey Hirshberg

  1. Hedonic Liquid
    Hedonic Liquid
    By Ashley Wu
A fission, a fracture was all it took
For the doctors, the nurses to take a look.
They poked, they prodded, peaked into every orifice
And the scrupulous examination became quite tortuous.
"I'm good", "I'm fine" she continued to insist
"It's nothing at all, just a sprained right wrist"
Their worry, their judgement clouded their faces
"But that's how it starts in all the worst cases...
A bump, a scratch, and you think you're just fine
But in reality it's only a matter of time
Before your body, your mind falter and drag,
Your youth betrays you, and you start to sag"
Her siblings, her parents looked on with horror
Would all of her family begin to abhor her?
As her treatment plans, medical bills mounted by the day,
An unimaginable expense they would be forced to pay.
Goodbye to the family vacation, the Christmas presents galore,
From now on, it was time to charge everything you paid for.
And soon the bills, the debt would catch up,
And they would have to scrimp and save to find a spare buck.
That's it, I'm done, the girl thought to herself
I know what I need to do to be a big help
"It's fine", "Let me be."
She was prepared to deliver her final decree.
"I've lived a good life, a great one at that...
And I don't want to be remembered as the family brat.
Let me pass on, let me go out with a bang,
No need to pay so much for my pain."
Her brothers, her sisters seemed shocked and dismayed,
As they imagined a life without their sister Paige.
"We can’t!" "We won’t" her family concurred
They shed tears together until their vision blurred.
They pictured a life lived in black and white,
Dull and pointless without her light.
But wait! "Don't move!" The doctors came in
"She was right all along," they said with a grin.
"Her mind, her body are both just fine,
She should be back in operation in no time."
Her mother, her father gasped in surprise
"Our daughter, Paige...she's alive!"
Her family, her friends gathered in celebration
To honor her hospital visit's great summation.
Her month, her year went on withal,
Apparently there was life beyond a sprained wrist after all.