To 2015 - 2016
To Fall 2015

By Hannah Brewer

  1. Untitled
    By Sherry Luo, 12
Everywhere he went, everything he did,
His dark thoughts followed him without invitation.
While all others looked into the ocean and saw beauty and comfort,
He felt that the vast, mysterious body of water
Could not be trusted.
When most people were amazed by the mixing colors of the sunset,
He couldn’t stop himself from comparing the swirls of the pastel colors
To blood, taunting him from the sky.
He wondered why people ran into the waves of the dark oceans
Without knowing what lurked beneath the surface.
And as he watched people take pictures of the sunset,
He cringed.
For he wondered how people could trust nature so easily.
Was it because it was simply beautiful? Original? Unlike anything else?
It couldn’t be, he thought. You could say the same about people, couldn’t you?
How is it that people are so timid, so careful
When it comes to falling in love with others,
Yet they allow the beauty of nature to deceive them so easily and quickly?
Didn’t they see it? The danger that lurked behind the sunset
And the crumbling waves? Every cloud, no matter how delicate it looks,
Or how gracefully it fades into the colors of the sunset,
Is just another storm waiting to happen. And every wave
That crashes onto the shore tries so desperately hard
To pull everything on land into its unpromising waters.
Don’t people see that the parts of nature they proclaim to be perfect
Have killed their own kind? Those waves have grown
To large, towering heights, and swept entire cities away.
Those cool breezes that people welcome and adore
Have mixed in an angry state, causing tornados, killing thousands.
Do they realize that the seemingly perfect clouds
Will soon enough cause terrorizing booms of thunder and electrifying strikes of lightning
That shake people down to the bone?
He stood there and wondered how after all these years,
After all the tragedies that have occurred, why they still allow
These aspects of nature awe them with their beauty
Just as much as they are awed by them when they decide to strike and kill.
Why didn’t they get it? His mind spinning with questions,
He took another glance up at the sky, only to be greeted once again
By the menacing clouds as they interacted with the blazing colors of the sunset.
He stood along the shore of the beach with his toes dug deep into the sand,
And occasionally felt a wave tickle the tips of his toes,
Taunting him to splash into the waves, wanting to suck him in.
He felt the urge to run away, but where?
He was enclosed in this planet, surrounded by his worst fear.
So, there he stood, frozen in the sand, waiting for the next inevitable strike
Of nature to occur.