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Insomnia Ainmosni

By: Brittany Ahn

  1. Untitled
    By Audrey Hirshberg
Light-headed, nauseous, delirious
Suffering alone through long overdue mind sickness,
Night after night
Trapped in repeated bad habit,
I am
Lost in overwhelming train wrecks of inescapable thoughts
Another hour passes.
Half shut eyes stare down a creaking white ceiling fan
Spinning in fast-forward motion.
Countless thoughts spiral head-first into an unstoppable whirlwind
Like shredded spines of eroded rubble
My body slowly withers away
My soul full of twisted frustration shatters into pieces
At a dangerously alarming rate
These final hours last an eternity.
As I lay ill on my death bed, under white coffin sheets
Barely but surely awake until night passes.
I am
Utterly exhausted,
Day after day
In a continuous cycle of brain dead distress
Tiring, yet restless
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