Heading 3

To 2015 - 2016

By Dale Kerem

  1. Untitled
    By Ashlyn Payne, 12
    The plane is dark and silent, everyone else unconscious
To the fact that my entire world is shifting slowly.
16 hours and these wheels will kiss foreign ground,
And I will breathe foreign air,
And I doubt I will see my jigsaw town again
Because even if I do go back it will never truly be
My jigsaw town.
A miniature diorama of Home stretches out beneath me
And I wonder at the ability of the woman next to me
To sleep through the way the city turns to field
Turns to coast
Turns to sprawling blue
In a meager 3 hours.
The Welsh call it Hiraeth:
A longing for a home you can never return to,
Or that never truly was.
I don’t know if it was ever truly home,
With its buzzing fences and color-coded
But part of me is staring out of the oval window
At the rolling waves so far from reach,
And longing to return.