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What I Know of Your Silhouette

By Avanti Tulpule

  1. Shadows
    By Brittany Ahn
i know of summers & desire / 
object and action, spoken / softly & coagulating 
hollowed, hanging / between your face and mine. 
i want / the meat of you, the give of you – 
my fingers prying apart an asymptotic horizon / from sulfuric skyline. 

summer and there are always boys. / antiseptic skin, gap-toothed gap- 
ing possession where their eyes should be. 
in the lingering / light fracturing under streetlamps, / halo-ed by mothwings, 
you are barefoot & i swallow / moths. my body formless, rises 
over us like smoke / my eyes sunken and hungry, 
my mouth perforated sky. / boys straddling our fences, / 
winding the world in their careless hands & keening 
“there's something more out there – misted over / wait 
-ing for us to go.” / you, barefoot, falling, in flight 
my fingers grasping fog / your silhouette lingering, sickly-bitter, 
my body immortalized / in amber / in the dripping stretch of sunlight. 

& one day it will be spring / open- 
mouthed and gasping; 
thrusting shards / of chipped tulip bulbs & irises 
in languid violence, / life encroaches. 
& i will walk barefoot, 
heavy-handed, wringing the clamor of bells 
out of salt-stung breeze. 
& swallow my self / in an open- 
mouthed kiss 
endless like the sea.