To 2017-2018
Vegas boy

By ANsley wiederholt

  1. Untitled
    By Mumtaz Ahmed

Pale skin glistens under fading streetlamps,
Shadows of ink dripping down long arms and lengthy chest.
Redyed hair stands firm,
A beacon in the night for cheerful abodes.

Muddy eyes follow fairy lights in the dark,
Blinking in everlasting repetition.
Black lines trace red powdered eyelids,
Long lashes grasping false snowflakes in the heat of dusk.

The lost finds a way to get back home,
Fake stars illuminating an eternal day’s sky.
The night flashes gold, blue, and red,
The only colors deemed as suns.

Gliding across the cracked pavement like thin ice,
A loose shirt covers hip hugging jeans tucked into boots.
Humming tunes into the bright night,
Left and right hold no candle to the florescent lights.

Cat-like motions,
Moving silently through the crowds.
Elegantly tip toeing through nameless faces,
One isn't himself unless asked directly.

Just another fish in the whirlpool,
His metamorphosis begins.
A shark swims alongside prey,
Singing meaningless lyrics into the shadows.

Daybreak envelops the city bringing forth morning light,
The vampire retreats into the shadows he calls home.
Another night spent in search of new blood,
He lays down and closes his eyes, lost in the false stars that sing him to sleep.