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Symphony of the Horde

By Eleena Ghosh

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    By Ansley Wiederholt
Swaying ears picked up the smooth music, the notes sliding into a rich symphony.
Distant shouting flittered through ignored, branded common background noise.
The joyous squeals of children meshed with the excited yips from dogs, both in stark contrast to the deep bellows of the vendors.
Quaint taps of rubber balls against the concrete harmonized with the low plop of hacky sacks hitting it full force, the crowd’s laughter performing the encore.
Clashing zippers and phones dissonant, disrupting the warm melody of pitter patter from slight rain.
Sneakers hitting the ground with a sharp squeak, heels trotting through with a resonant click, boots transporting with a thunderous stomp.
Wind flying daintily through, playing with soft vibrato.
The symphony of the horde, the symphony of the world.