To 2016-2017

By ansley wiederholt

  1. Untitled
    By Divya Srinivasan
Smile so big and teeth be gone,
Hopping around like a little faun.
Discovery made everywhere as it may seem,
Eyes that sparkle and glisten and gleam.
Teeth come in, lost but there,
Taller now, with short brown hair.
Learning new things is easy as can be,
Taking off at the count of three.
New beginnings and a solemn end,
Saying goodbye and hello to the old and new friend.
Making memories as a new life can start,
Meeting new people and finding your heart.
Another goodbye and hello to fall,
Seeing new faces, old, and all.
Four years spent focused on brains,
All to free you from your chains.
New rooms, new people, new town,
All there can be is a smile, no frown.
You turn around, luggage in hand,
Telling yourself the past eighteen years were grand.