To 2017-2018
Her Resplendant Love

By Mumtaz Ahmed

  1. Untitled
    By Brittany Ahn
She was a tree and her love was the branches
Growing upon each were the fruits of her succor which ran
Through the roots of her trunk and the veins of her leaves
Around one branch there hung a swing from a rope
Tied to her girth swaying candidly at its own pleasure
And through its youthful cadence her branch was unfaltered
Thereupon another was a nest of baby birds whom she nurtured
Despite all their pellets and droppings and aggravating songs
Her patience unwavering and her branch always firm
I was a lone kite that wished to fly on his own
With a string extending into the clouds almost reaching the sun
It seemed I had flown too close and began to fall
But I found myself saved in the gentle grasps of her leaves
Which held fruits so sweet I couldn’t say goodbye
Though her leaves have shed, her flowers remain
And I stay here stuck, in awe of her beauty
Caught in the branches of her resplendent love