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Not For Children Under Three

By Allison Rothrock

  1. Infancy Rocks
    Infancy Rocks
    By Ashley Wu
he picks a dress to  
bring out the eyes 
he could pluck from her skull  
like empty glass beads: dull  
except the smudge of oil 
from the baby’s curious thumb. 
they put their fingers through 
the frail chrysalis of her jumper & 
pick her breasts like the daisy petals  
pressed between fat blue dictionaries. 
her face is pure 
& smooth as desire 
like a smear of slack mosquito 
spread thin 
down the legs 
of blindly swiping men. 
the handbooks warn her 
not to split her lips’ slight cuticle seam: 
inside slumps her half-ration 
of blanched tongue 
& babies choke on small things