To 2017-2018

By Avanti  Tulpule 

  1. Purple Picnic
    Purple Picnic
    By Audrey Hirshberg
when i am tired of being sandpaper
i sink to silk, silent, and dream
of stars that shine, in a hazy purple sky
of a whistling wind and birds that fly
indigo wings, ink on snow
little bird feet in a row
the world is soft, quiet, hush
you cannot miss the hiding thrush
in a bed of leaves, nestled in clover
when i am tired, want the day to get over
there is no more linen, wool, or flax
but reams of silk, satin, and i can relax
no jarring neon no OPEN signs
no yelling no smoking no computer whines
just me, the rivers, the sky forever white
just me, the birds, all the flowers in sight
there is a whisper, i fall to sleep
a dark blue ocean, wide and deep
a boat with billowing cloud-like sails
dolphins and giant squids and giant blue whales
that i can take wherever i go
to the east, to the west, or down below
no more rough edges to sand me to grains
only soft silver, and laughter, and the patter of rain
so i sleep, without dreaming, rested, tonight
with indigo birds and shining lights
when i wake, there will be more buzzing things-to-do
but right now, im asleep, in an ocean of blue.