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​NIght Rather Than Day

By Maya Joseph

  1. Snow
    By Janhavi Kulkani
evenings were halcyon fireflies littering an ephemeral path, 
the hum of the age-old humidifier, releasing perspired breaths of its own in the corner of the dim bedroom, 
the faded yellow light from the closet, and the white light from a buffering laptop, casting over the dark words in a textbook— 
evenings were standing in the kitchen and basking in the radiation from a microwave, gentle, sleepy eyes following the circular motions of the rotating disk in the machine, 
the loud, stuttering draining of a bath, the bumpy texture of a desk, fading stickers on a white door and neon stars on a ceiling; fragmented photographs, palettes, and the sound of a broken record player. 
evenings were lying in bed, recollecting the isolated memories of the fading days, until the quietness that surrounds lulls one to sleep.