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Even My Dreams have subtitles

By Ashley Wu

  1. Untitled
    By Sophia Haynes
Loneliness renders me capable of everything. 
I alphabetize my bones, 
color code a wide expanse of breath, 
learn to stack my teeth neatly: 
nickels for canines, dimes for wisdom 

I get to know you through the essence of myself 
a city hand-sifted from ashes 
Maybe there is a life in the things you’ve touched 
maybe there is a bit of blood, a tear, sweat 
a human fossil record with an expiration date 

My footprints canvassed the greater metropolitan area that night 
I dig through the debris looking for mummified comfort. 
I watched purple swallow buildings whole, 
stole beer from empty hotel lobbies, 
asked the wind for your name. 

But most importantly, I learnt about you, 
your carnivorous staircase of a mind, 
your hotel suite of a body, 
flesh permeated by gold, 
your soul of ivory and brass. 

And in my cocoon of loneliness 
I am irrepressibly blooming, a lotus, 
petals spiraling uncontrollably towards 
an unfeeling cinderblock sky. 
And bit by bit, I emerge, changed.