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By mackenzie oster

  1. Untitled
    By Brittany Ahn
What do I do with this silence?
the silence in my head
I cant hear a thing
which is not something normally said-

It is usually so loud in there
I have to beg and plead for it to stop
But now it’s so still
I could hear a pin drop

The tranquility is now worse than the noise
The noise made it easier to think
but my brain is now confused
i don't remember how to blink

I cant even get out a scream
please take me away from this place
perhaps this is only a dream
I don't remember your face 

Now my brain is busted
and I'm stuck in this place

I guess my brain was so noisy

it took up too much space

and every thought disappeared into thin air

now I'm left with a brain this bare.