To 2017-2018
Since Feeling is First

By Mackenzie Oster

  1. Untitled
    By Brittany Ahn
Since feeling is first
emotion dominates
any sanity that remains
for feeling is what dictates
all who maintain

Since feeling is first
regulation appears last
nipping at intuition
a claw and a scratch

Just barely touching
what floats in the air
that cloud of sensation
that all seem to wear


Since feeling comes first
I melt to my knees
at the end of my worth
I beg and I plead

Sentiment is what destroyed me
I retrace my days
I drew thin
left with nothing
but my last sliver of gin

Sinking into the ground
as all emotion goes dim
I say

Feeling should not come first
I would not have sinned
for life is one sentence
My last words escape
and death is the period
that ends all my days