To Current Issue

By Jack rarer

  1. Sun Gradient
    Sun Gradient
    By Sophia Vaughn
Your eyes are scintillating.
Spent too much time. They’re blinding mine.
Need to commit to shading.
Sunlight sinister. I can’t admit to her
The things I’ve been debating.
Burning candles on the mantle.
Angels stay complacent.

With our attraction’s mixed reactions
When we’re face to face and
I try to fix it. Nothing sticks it’s
Like my life is torn
Pictures, poses, gifts of roses
Still I’m struck by thorns
Impaled with daggers. Makes me stagger
When I should be calmer.
Mind’s unsteady. Shoulders heavy.
You tear down my armor.

Need protection from perfection
I refrain from movement
Even eyes are paralyzed.
Fear turns to confusion
Is it worth it? All these curses,
Was it an illusion?
It makes me ill. Somehow still,
Our time together’s soothing

And my torsos in a war zone
But I’ll still push through it
Cause The only battle that’s worth fighting is the one you’re losing.