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By sophia vaughan

  1. Cardiac Furnace
    Cardiac Furnace
    By Katy Harvey
          If one was able to enter the body through a needle, they would instantly be hit with a vision of crimson.
          Crimson, which will sound like when a waterfall continuously hits the glass surface of nature. Moving up the red stream, through the purple spiderwebs. Inter-working tubes are folded together, and they reach the base of collagen and calcium.
          Bars that spread sideways, connect to a backbone. Mushy pillows of a working system lay underneath the cage it creates.
          There are drum beats, loud and fierce, releasing pulses of energy for the sleepless machinery. Growls rise from below, and the machinery shakes. One might move forward as crunching begins sounding from above, somewhere almost unreachable. Soon enough, it will stop. A lump starts moving down the short tube beside them.
          They soon will become apart of it all. Floating aimlessly around the blood and guts, helping the machinery keep itself alive. For if it dies, they die too.